Shrink Sleeves

PLASTOCHEM heat shrinkable film is one of the revolutionary products, since it is suitable for various kinds of packaging, such as water industry, cosmetics, beverages, food products, pharmaceuticals, toys, all kind of Plastic Products, glass & metal containers, household appliances, etc.

The packaging method has been improved day by day. To make the products more valuable for the marketing penetration, higher transparency packing with bright colours was employed. Since the PLASTOCHEM Shrink packaging has features of seal, water-proof, highly transparent and nice looking, the commercial value and image of the product can be raised greatly.

Shrink Labels

Shrink labelling is amongst the most advanced and versatile form of labelling the world over. High quality of heat shrink labels which are graced with brilliant colours & fine printing are suitable for all kinds of packing. Proud of multiple features, these can enhance the appearance and increase the value of the packed products, and can also resist dampness, dust and, what's more, it can prevent counterfeiting. It is insured that this label is perfect to protect the quality of the products packed with it. Attractive shrink labels can be shrink on to most contours of varied container substrates including glass, PET, Plastic, composite cans, tin cans etc.